Cooking with Crystal

Ableton masterclass with Crystal Distortion

Get the opportunity to explore the quirky kitchen of masterchef Simon Carter aka Crystal distortioN, who is coming to Prague with 4 days of his unique cookery course.

You will learn how to chop buzzing synth-insects, bake a delicious bass pie and how to salt your arrangement with sufficient hi hats and grooves.

The main brewing tool for this exhausting education program will be Ableton live, although you will also get the chance to explore the possibilities of smartphones, which nowadays contain complete studios you can take everywhere.
The course capacity is strictly limited due to individual approach, with just 10 free places available.

Since effectiveness is maintained only through a dynamic schedule we can publish only a raw list of things you’ll get by attending there.

- Workshop for production and livesets in Ableton live and beyond
- 4 days course
- the course will end with a party in Cross Club
- capacity limited for 10 students
- price: 3500Kč
- register on: KNGRTN303@GMAIL.COM
- bring your tracks, PC, soundcard, controller and headphones
- refreshments in class
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Status : Ukončena
Autor : Laydak
Začátek : February 13 2018 15:00:00
Konec : January 16 2018 21:00:00
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