Majkl NSK - Vinyl Edition #02
Connection refused
anon29/May Mon 7:00Totem
anon28/May Sun 13:50hi from italy
anon28/May Sun 2:20Týnec nad Labem
anon09/May Tue 2:38Tekno 23
anon08/May Mon 10:03harfa
anon22/Apr Sat 3:43Live free or die
anon22/Apr Sat 3:33Holy. Shit.. thx Mother fucker ???????? continue
anon19/Apr Wed 18:30OSN - Spytovice 2001 - Oktekk Stahov NSK
Usgazer15/Apr Sat 21:47Usgazer was here
anon11/Apr Tue 16:36kay kani
DR3AMT3KK_2312/Mar Sun 12:31A
Pool23/Feb Thu 19:16T3KNO 23
lada14/Feb Tue 22:4223!!
anon14/Feb Tue 21:57Direct I - more info about tracks/dj??
anon11/Feb Sat 23:08bomby!!!!
FrenchTek02/Feb Thu 21:37Super son. FreeTekno Forever!!!
Tenisák28/Jan Sat 19:06hu
la_lacra28/Jan Sat 2:52no la putamare esto no es freetekno maricon
anon21/Jan Sat 14:13rave
anon15/Jan Sun 1:54Jste tu vsichni Extremiste
anon04/Jan Wed 2:46:0
lada03/Jan Tue 18:24je někde ten komentář k Harfě? neměl chybu!! :-)
anon03/Jan Tue 18:18nahrávejte to! :D
anon14/Dec Wed 17:55Who the fuck is Fred?
Nope07/Dec Wed 21:49go vegan
cutter19/Nov Sat 17:04popotchy radio
anon18/Nov Fri 23:24Belgieee
anon10/Nov Thu 20:10hai
belgitek10/Nov Thu 20:09yo dikken
belgitek10/Nov Thu 20:07any1 from belgium?
anon10/Nov Thu 20:04hi ho lets go
anon09/Nov Wed 5:10hail putin
sseab26/Oct Wed 13:15tu
John28/Sep Wed 10:01ano už jede ale nejelo, podle ip co má stream byla licence pozastavena, ale nyní již jede
anon28/Sep Wed 7:03mne to jede
anon27/Sep Tue 4:49Ahoj, proč nejde radio slyšet? Už zase
DR3AMT3KK_2320/Sep Tue 13:04greetings from upperaustria :D
DR3AMT3KK_2320/Sep Tue 12:56My chef says now he know why de people so crazy xD but i say no thats the real musik xP sorry for my english is not the best ^_^
DR3AMT3KK_2320/Sep Tue 12:54This Radio is the fucking best musik for working
Quai16/Sep Fri 18:24aj jaaaaj konecne head banger!!!! Jedeeeeeeem
anon11/Sep Sun 6:37Ale jinak super hudba
anon11/Sep Sun 6:37Ta výpadky jsou nějak často
romaL10/Sep Sat 22:35..bol mensi vypadok serveru pred par dnami, teraz to uz hraje
romaL10/Sep Sat 4:48d(o_O)b
anon03/Sep Sat 5:54Ahoj, proč nejde radio slyšet?
anon20/Aug Sat 10:12Some party in south bohemia????
anon18/Aug Thu 2:11Vandal
anon18/Aug Thu 2:10Tel o
romaL11/Aug Thu 12:18bomby voe.. d(o_O)b
anon19/Jul Tue 15:42not playing :/
FREERAVE15/Jun Wed 12:55excuse us we need to do a server restart. 13:00 ...
anon07/Jun Tue 15:51Hey guys is there anything in Italy this week ?
anon07/Jun Tue 13:23LOVE YOU GUYS
anon07/Jun Tue 1:59Hey guys tekno near zlin Malenovice ?
anon06/Jun Mon 11:16Thx guys you rocks
anon05/Jun Sun 13:26thanks noisy god !!!
Freerave04/Jun Sat 19:34Tunein stream fixed! :-)
anon28/May Sat 16:09both tunein and site streming broken :( :( please fix
anon27/May Fri 16:00Thanks <3
anon27/May Fri 16:00Thanks i really appreciate ????????
anon27/May Fri 16:00But the website streaming Is still broken
anon27/May Fri 15:59Yesssssssss tunein station Is now operative.
anon25/May Wed 12:47Not work in website and tunein radio
anon24/May Tue 13:23Hey comrades! The signal has been down for days already. Hopefully this is something temporally. -NR
anon20/May Fri 23:17same we got the title but no sound
anon20/May Fri 9:00dude wake up fix the stream((((
dodules18/May Wed 15:37mne to stale nefunguje to radio...:/
anon12/May Thu 22:31stream not work even in tunein
anon05/May Thu 15:13Esc komatsu
vymaštovák04/May Wed 16:32network 23
elvis26/Apr Tue 21:13this aint dead
anon25/Apr Mon 22:32This is dead
anon23/Apr Sat 8:07thanks guys this is incredible
anon21/Apr Thu 5:38Holy shit :)) Thx free rave
anon15/Apr Fri 3:54Metro lxr nsk
anon21/Mar Mon 15:03teknival romania this year?
romaL08/Mar Tue 8:37gomezvswlkk 14.06.2008 .. dobry pecky (o_O)
anon05/Mar Sat 12:44Maisouiless
anon02/Mar Wed 13:08Some italians here?
Nope01/Feb Tue 21:06gelato
copilu25/Jan Tue 15:25teknival 2022
anon25/Jan Tue 15:25dont stop tekno
anon20/Jan Thu 3:43Oktek
anon18/Jan Tue 11:02I hzve a problem.
anon18/Jan Tue 11:02Hello
anon16/Jan Sun 0:33danke ! grazie ! thanks ! gracias !
anon09/Jan Sun 8:40Alien
anon06/Jan Thu 15:07:))
Oldskulak2302/Jan Sun 16:34zdar, da se, stare pecky nehasnou )
anon30/Dec Thu 16:53Tekno
smutekk26/Dec Sun 18:36dneska v noci jasna vec k poslechu !
smutekk26/Dec Sun 18:35dnes je time
anon12/Dec Sun 6:04díky díky díky za protáhnutí nocííí
anon12/Dec Sun 6:03dobře válíte!!!!!!
romaL27/Nov Sat 8:44dobry pecky
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